The brainchild of Robert Tonge, a prominent Dominican insurance broker and businessman, now turned government Minister in the field of Tourism, our story began in the Commonwealth of Dominica. Initially branded as just FastCash, the company was founded in 2004; then in the face of growth years later, rebranded to be called The FastCash Caribbean Group of Companies. FastCash was created to provide small cash advances to clients who needed quick and easy access to funds. Over the years, we’ve stayed true to form, consistently providing the highest standard of customer service while fulfilling our function which is to ensure a positive financial outcome for our customers.

Biggest and Best

Ushering a new era of financing, FastCash Caribbean is a regional financial institution dedicated to providing high quality and innovative macro and micro financial solutions for underserved financial markets.

Through our winning formula, we have recognized exponential growth over a fifteen-year period and have since expanded to a 22 branched network, spanning 10 countries having successfully launched offices in nine other Caribbean countries - Antigua, Grenada, St.Lucia, St.Vincent, St.Kitts & Nevis, Barbados, and most recently Bermuda and Jamaica in 2016. We’ve also extended our Vincentian base to include the Grenadine islands of Bequia and Canouan and Grenada to include Carriacou.


Throughout our extensive network, FastCash Caribbean embodies three traits masterfully: SMARTER, FASTER, BETTER. Fifteen years strong and supported by the best team of professionals in the industry regionally, our program combines innovative financial tools, with the fastest turnovers. We remain steadfast in working towards the goal of making financing quick, easy and as straightforward as possible, as we relentlessly continue to provide top-quality financing throughout the Caribbean

Smarter, Faster, BETTER

Simply skip the line and apply online!

No time to visit the office. No long lines or delay impeding on your valuable time? No long forms to complete. Our application process is fine-tuned to be as quick and straightforward as possible to get you on your way to FAST CASH!

Quick Approvals

Days? Weeks? Months? Not here! We live up to our name with SAME DAY approvals and get you FAST cash in as little as TWO hours once all requirements are met! Let’s get you yours now!

Can’t come to us? No worries, we’ll come to you!

We provide on demand VIP service. There’s nothing BETTER than receiving private and personalized attention to facilitate your pathway to FAST CASH. Book a Mobile CSR Service today

When we say FAST, we mean it!

Got all your requirements met? Now for the BEST part. We give access to your cash in as little as 2 hours.

Life Happens!

Unsecured lending with a twist, - security. Feel protected knowing that in cases of unsolicited events such as: death, critical illness, temporary or total disability and involuntary loss of employment, we’ve got you covered. All Fastcash clients benefit from instant loan coverage with our Payment Protection Plan.